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>>megyn: secretary of state, hillary clinton saying it has been a difficult week for the state department and for the country. four american patriots were murdered this week. 52-year-old chris stevens, 34-year-old smith, and 42-year-old glenn dougherty and
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41-year-old tyrone woods, dying while serving their country, their country now honors them. as the secretary of state put it, we now wipe away our tears, stiffen our spines, and face the future undaunted. thank you for watching, everyone. our coverage continues now with trace gallagher on "studio b" today. >>trace: the president finished by saying even if our grief we will be resolute. thank you very much, i am here for shepard smith as we finish watching the ceremony at joint base andrews there is breaking news from the investigation of the attack on the u.s. consulate and the murder of the u.s. ambassador and others. another attack on another 9/11. president obama, as you just saw, has finished speaking at the ceremony marking the arrival of the four victims' remains. the bodies were flown to the united states and president obama said the attackers in libya will see justice.
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listen. >> we will continue to do everything in our power to protect americans serving overseas, whether that means increasing security at our diplomatic posts, working with host countries which have an obligation to provide security and making it clear that justice will come to those who harm americans. most of all, even in our growth, we will be resolute. but we are americans. we hold our head high. >>trace: the white house said president obama has ordered a review of the security situation as u.s. diplomatic facilities around the world. we are hearing from lawmakers who were briefed by the c.i.a. they describe the attacks in libya as and i quote, "coordinated, commando-style and well planned, a likely act of terrorism." now to wendell live from the white house.
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wendell, the administration is denying there was intelligence they had prior to these attacks, correct? >>reporter: yes, press secretary, jake carney, denied there was a report that intelligence suggested an attack in benghazi saying that report was absolutely untrue. meanwhile, while authorities say that the attack in benghazi was carefully planned and coordinated, it is still unclear whether it was in response to the antiislam film or something timed to coincide with the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, or frankly, it could have been both. we just heard secretary of state, hillary clinton speak directly to the people of the region, saying that folks in libya, egypt, and yemen, did not trade the tyranny of a dictator for the tyranny of a mob. the ceremony had a message to americans. that is that the four people who came home today for their final time were all american heroes,
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who gave their likes for their country. the president, the white house and the state department have been giving out a couple of messages the past two days. the first is that u.s. government had absolutely nothing to do with this anti-islam film although it was produced in this country. that's a tough message to get across to the arab spring where people are used to dictatorships who would suppress such a thing. frankly, they do not understand our freedom of speech that would enable it to happen. the second message is that the violence in response to the film is absolutely unacceptable. in personal calls, the president has stressed to leaders their obligation to protect u.s. diplomatic missions. >>trace: thank you, wendell. lawmakerslawmakers with intelli, inside intelligence on the attack, say it was a calculated act of terror with the prime suspect, an offshoot of al
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qaeda. john mccain and senator lieberman say the attackers were more sinister than an angry mob. >> it was a terrorist attack organized and carried out by terrorists. the majority of the libyan people are very grateful to the united states of america. >> from all that i have heard, the murderous attack in libya that results in the death of four americans, were not accidental. they were not just coincidental protests to this this antimuslim film. they were a well planned and professional act against the consulate in benghazi. >>trace: they are looking into the possibility that this was an inside job that revealed the location of a secret safe house that was attacked. the white house is denying a
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report it had advance warning of the attack. i have seen that report. the story is absolutely wrong. we were not aware of any actionable intelligence indicating that an attack on the mission in benghazi was planned or imminent. that report is false. >>trace: the investigation continues in benghazi, militants reportedly shot the u.s. spy, the drones that were flying over the city. a libyan official says that the drones were scouting out locations of radical militant groups. now the latest live from washington, dc. catherine, what are you learning about all of this? >>reporter: fox is told forensics will be analyzed to determine the type of won'ts, the origin of the weapons, and significantly whether the weapons were supplied to the libyan opposition by friendly governments to help take down qaddafi. four aways were confirmed but the officials in the united states remain in the dark. >> the only problem is we do not
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have a good visual of who they are. we are not sure what the standards of the arrest was, what information they had, we are working through that issue. >>trace: mitt romney is commenting about the president. listen, now. >> there were three other individuals in the tragedy beside the ambassador, and i would ask that you might each place your hand over your heart in recognition of the blood shed for freedom by them and by other sons and daughter whose is lost their lives for the cause of america and the cause of liberty and take a moment of silence together. thank you so much. thank you for memories of great
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men and women who serve this country and whether on a day like this where the sky seems to be crying, as well, or on a beautiful sunny day, we remember those who serve and provide us with the liberty we enjoy and the prosperity and freedoms so much part of the american experience. i love america. i love what we stand for. i'm proud of america. this experience reminds me when i served as the governor my state and i got a call from the airport that one of the servicemen of our state had been killed and his remains were coming back to massachusetts. they called his parents to ask them to come to the airport to receive his body. they lived so far away they could not get there in time to receive the remains and they asked if i could go in their place. so i went to the airport. we drove on the tarmac.
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this u.s. air jet came in and all the passengers got off the aircraft and all the luggage came down the conveyer, and, finally, a casket appeared. i was brought down the conveyer. i put my hand over my heart. the state troopers would were there with me, they all went to attention and saluted and, of course, the members of the armed forces who received the casket stood at attention and saluted. i glanced up at the terminal, the u.s. air terminal there, a big glass window, a big wall this at the terminal, where the people who had gotten off the airplane, they saw the police out there, wonderd what was going on and they were lined up against the glass. all the people walking down the halls they saw the people lined up against the glass and they crowded up to see what was going on, as i looked up there every single person i saw had their hand over their heart. we are a patriotic nation.
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we love this country. we love the men and women who serve in this country. we face real challenges and i want to talk about some of the challenges we face in ohio and at home. this is not the way things are supposed to be the we were promised the recovery and we have not seen that recovery yet. when the president took office four years ago, 32 million people were on food stamps. today, 47 million people are on food stamps. 15 million more people, more than the population of ohio. >>trace: mitt romney is commenting about the four embassy workers who were killed in libya. he is in ohio making those comments. if you want to continue to watch those comments they are streamed like on fox there is more information about what was known prior to the attacks in libya. we will get back to catherine, with more information on that, as well as former c.i.a.
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>>trace: we heard a moving ceremony at the to which the hour at joint base andrews, formally andrews air force base with the remains of the four embassy personnel brought back there. the ceremony included speeches from secretary of state, hillary clinton, as well as president obama, who said this will not sway our resolve. at the same time, there are also reports that the white house had no intelligence leading up to these attacks on the embassy in libya. back to catherine, now, the white house says there was in information leading up to the attacks but you have information there were a number of attacks in the region prior to the assault on the u.s. embassy in
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benghazi? >>reporter: these are conversations i have had with people familiar with intelligence. this area, libya, north africa, was considered a hot zone or a hot region. since june of this year there were at least four incidents, either successful or plots, against diplomatic interests or on diplomatic personnel. so it was considered a hot region, active. now, when they say there was no "actionable intelligence," that means that there wasn't something specific enough in the opinion of the intelligence community to do something, to try and mitigate the threat. that's the subject or where the rubber meets the road. was there sufficient intelligence in the region, that it was "hot," and that there were attacks or attempted attacks on diplomatic personnel that more steps should have been taken to protect the americans who were killed in benghazi? that is the question. >>trace: thank you, catherine. and now, intelligence expert, a
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former c.i.a. convert officer and president of the global intelligence and security firm, mike baker. you heard catherine talking about they did not have "hot," intelligence, the signs were everywhere with attacks in different areas. we know there are all kinds of missing weapons in libya. we know it was lend. -- we know it was 9/11. but there was no "hot" intelligence. >>guest: i don't believe the white house had actionable intelligence about a specific attack in beach gaza but the bigger problem is we knew what the environment was. this is a problem where the state department which has primary responsibility for determining resources for security around their facilities overseas, they did not properly assess the risk. since the dust settled in libya, so the bottom line is we know al qaeda associates and like-minded groups have been operating in libya since the revolution
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started. we know there is a lot of heavy weaponry on the ground. we know it is chaos. to not devote more resources in benghazi where you know you will have long-term presence of consulate personnel and occasionally, you know, visits by senior embassy personnel, that crossed the lines. >>trace: but you just said, hindsight is 20/20 and you can monday morning quarterback the situation, but is it fair to say that was the wrong call at the wrong time? >>guest: absolutely, it is. there has been an extended period of time since we got into libya. the state department does this all the time. frankly, when i was in my old outfit occasionally we were asked to go out and assess security, look at security of key facilities and key personnel
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in a hostile environment. that is an ongoing process. regional security operations in the state department, they are supposedly doing that on a constant basis. the fact that there was no significant perimeter security, or marine detachment at the site, that is where the problem is. that should have been in place months and months ago. the fact we are say leg is -- say leg is no actionable intelligence, the horse left the building. >>trace: when you say there is no actionable intelligence, is it your sense that they were surveilling this for weeks, maybe months, leading up to this? >>guest: it is very likely. this was a coordinated effort and there were aggressive statements demanding that al qaeda go out and basically mark the anniversary of 9/11, avenge the death of the number two in al qaeda who we topped back in
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june, and the fact that this took place on 9/11, it is all teach of a coincidence. the idea that some elements of the media have swallowed the idea that the film is is disappoints ing. >>trace: mike baker, good to see you. thank you, sir. back new to video we saw of the ceremony held at joint base andrews formally known as andrews air force base, as we brought home the four embassy personnel killed in libya on 9/11. again, ambassador stevens, information management officer sean smith, navy seal glen doherty and tyrone woods, american heroes, whose remains arrived today back in the united states. more coming up on this ceremony and what is happening right now
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abroad on "studio b" today.
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>>trace: the president said the united states will bring justice to those who killed four americans, including the united states arch to -- ambassador to libya. nothing will stop the united states, the president said, from fighting to protect people from all over the world. >> we care not just about our own country and our own interests but about theirs. even as voices of suspicion and mistrust seek to divide countries and cultures from one another the united states of america will never retreat from the world. we will never stop working for the dignity and freedom that every person deserves. >>trace: the president said the united states will work to protect all u.s. diplomatic facilities from violence. with us now is the hot of fox news sunday, chris wallace, we will get, chris, to the back biting of politics in a second. first i want your sense of the ceremony the sometimes when you
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see the heart wrenching ceremonies at joint base andrews, it really brings home the fact that america this week was attacked. >>chris: absolutely. we lost four heroes government see the four flag draped coffins and hear the music we hear at these ceremonies, coming off the plane, so deeply moving. four american heroes. in a sense, they are certainly, and you can feel it and see it in what hillary clinton had to say, they are members of the diplomatic family, members of our family and it is a death in our family, the four american heroes. i was deeply moved watching it today. >>trace: it was one of those ceremonies we have seen too many times recently but one of the ceremonies that, really, was very emotional. you see the families there, chris, and you know there were navy seals involved. they moved on into the private sector but still back in government work there. about this, mitt romney has been
12:27 pm
kind of widely criticized this week about his response, his comments, prior to learning of the death of the four people and now it seems to me my sense, chris, is that the criticism is thought so much what he said but when he said it, that maybe he spoke too son. your thoughts in >>chris: -- your thoughts? >>chris: it was fine to criticize the cable from cairo embassy on tuesday seeming to discredit the film and not to talk about american values, it was fine to criticize that. the wednesday news conference that was the problem when we just found out, it was a fluid situation and we found out four americans are dead, not sure that is a time for politics. having said that, maybe not today but next week, i don't think mitt romney should back away from this. there are legitimate differences between the two people, these
12:28 pm
two candidates in terms of how we dole with our allies, in terms of how we tell with the enemies and they need to be brought out. >>trace: you say that, chris, but a lot people say for a head-to-head debate on foreign policy the president, rather, mitt romney will not win the debate and he needs to get this back on the economy as quickly as he can. you are saying, look, he needs to stand his ground on this. >>chris: well, look, i'm not a paid consultant to the romney campaign, but, yes, i do. look, the romney campaign has set a very solid and consistent strategy, the economy stinks, and people are going do realize that and they are going do elect mitt romney. it is not working. he has to do something more. i think what he haso do is present an affirmative agenda for why he is a better president on the economy, on foreign policy, all kinds of areas but saying "i'm the other guy," does not seem to be working for mitt
12:29 pm
romney and there are less than eight weeks left. >>trace: the president's comment that egypt was not our ally, the white house has been talking in circles saying, well...they fumbled. the response has been that the white house fumbled this from the get go. do you agree? >>chris: on that statement, they clearly fumbled. look, it is a matter of fact but as they say in washington, a gaffe is when you tell the truth. our relationship with egypt is not what it was under the dictators of mubarak where you could call him up and say, wait, control that, and the mob disappeared. it is a more complicated relationship. they are a nonmajor nato ally. to dismiss that and walk that back and say well it is a legal term of art, no, he made a mistake. >>trace: romney's camp is jumping all over this say this is amateur hour.
12:30 pm
>>chris: well, look, they need to do more than that. in a very specific way, whether talking about iran and the president's policy of engaging the iranians, whether it is israel, whether it is the failure of the progress in the middle east, whether it is the way the arab spring has been handled, it cannot just be phrases but has to be a coherent explanation of what the president doing wrong and what mitt romney would do differently. if they don't do that he has wasted an opportunity the week has presented. >>trace: thank you, chris wallace, host of sunday. who coming up? >>chris: we will have the latest from the region, and a top u.s. official and we will have the chairman of the house intelligence committee, who has been briefed, as you know, by the c.i.a. people, as catherine was explaining a few moments ago. one of the questions, what was behind this attack in libya, and to what degree was their advance
12:31 pm
notice? we will get to the bottom of that with u.s. officials and with congressman rogers. >>trace: thank you, chris wallace on "fox news sunday." >> dramatic scenes on the ground in cairo, egypt, today, violence scuffles between protests and police despite the plea from calm from egypt's president. the details on that and the pictures are next. we have learned the u.s. is sending more security forces to sending more security forces to the middle east. he's, he's on my back about providing for his little girl. hey don't worry. e-trade's got a killer investing dashboard. everything is on one page, your investments, quotes, research... it's like the buffet last night. whatever helps you understand man. i'm watching you. oh yeah? well i'm watching you, watching him.
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ask an allstate agent about the value plan. are you in good hands? >>trace: there is breaking news from chicago. the teacher strike, the school board president has just told the local radio station, the teacher strike could be over by monday. separately, an attorney for the teachers say if union delegates approve an agreement this weekend, that could clear the way for classes to begin as early as monday. for hundreds of thousands of students. the chicago public schools chief education officer says that the two sides are not fighting over one major sticking point but several related issues. this is the largest strike the united states has seen all year from the public or private sector. it is chicago's first teacher strike in more than two decades. now live to steve brown with the latest. steve? >> it does look like the stage is set for a sunday vote which could lead to classes resuming
12:36 pm
in chicago's public schools on monday. the process kind of goes like this: as it is described now by both the school board president and the attorney for the teachers union, there is a framework for a deal. meetings will continue through the weekend. we understand there will be a drafting of a proposal or a contract. this will all be presented some time on sunday to a representative group called the house of delegates. it is the house of delegates which will decide whether to end the strike and send teachers back to work depending on what they hear from the proposal coming up on sunday. there are some schools but a scant minority of them, charter schools in the city, are still at work but the vast majority, 350,000 children are not in school right now. that could change coming up on sunday, a sunday vote. in principle, a broad-based skeleton of a deal but they have to fill in the pieces before the vote on sunday. trace? >>trace: thank you, steve
12:37 pm
brown, from chicago. a fox urgent: we have word of multiple deaths connected to the violent antiamerican protests which may or may not be over the obscure low-budget video that mocked the prophet mohammed. the protests have spread to more than a dozen countries across asia, the middle east, and north africa. in egypt, where this all started, an official says an egyptian protester died after clashing with police near the u.s. embassy in cairo. several hundreds protesters have been clashing with police preventing them from reaching the embassy. in tunisia, protesters jumped over the wall of the embassy compound in the capital of tunis and break whens and start add huge fire inside the compound. according to the reporting of reuters, police gunshots hurt five protesters. in india they tried to smash
12:38 pm
windows at the consulate and threw stones burning the american flag in the volatile region of kashmir and some called president obama a "terrorist." in yemen, home to the most dangerous branches of al qaeda, security forces fired warning shots into the air and tear gas at a crowd of about 2,000 protester whose tried to march on the u.s. embassy in the capital city. the chief fox correspondent is like in new york with the news. the countries are just some of the places where the protests are taking place. >>jonathan: the most violent scenes was in sudan, where protesters first attacked the german and british embassies before moving on to the u.s. embassy. they got into the compounds, raised the islamic flags and guarded fired warning shots in the air. we are now hearing that at least three demonstrators were killed
12:39 pm
during the riots and protests in sudan. this was also violence in tripoli, a northern city in lebanon, where kentucky fried chicken franchises and hardy's were attacked by a mob. this is all happening in lebanon, coincidentally or not, on the day that the pope arrived for a three-day visit. a very tense situation there. you can imagine, a lost security surrounding the pope's visit. >>trace: u.s. official would like the leaders of the country to come out with a lot stronger word condemning the violence. >>jonathan: we heard president obama saying that at the ceremony honoring the dead americans at joint base andrews calling on the nations where the protests are taking place, saying that their leaders have "an obligation to provide security." now, he made the same point in a
12:40 pm
private phone call to egyptian president morsi last night and that had some effect because he went on national tv and told the fellow egyptians they had a duty to actually protect embassies like the one operated by the united states. listen. >> in egypt, we have clearly declared we reject and condemn the killing of innocent people and the attacks at embassies and consulates. our duty is to defend diplomats, tourists, and all foreigners who are guests in the country. >>jonathan: as we talk about all of this, trace, while the number of locations of the protests and attacks have increased today, the numbers of actual protesters is not as large as many people feared it might be on this traditional day of prayer and protest in the muslim world. most of the demonstrations have involved hundreds, rather than
12:41 pm
thousands, although it may be said that it is a measure of just how bad things are that officials are now talking about how it is better today than it might have been. trace? >>trace: a glass half-full theory. thank you, jonathan. joining us is senior fellow at brooking institution, which is described as a nonpartisan public and foreign policy think tank. mile, you heard jonathan talking about violence and protests in dozens of areas in north africa and the middle east. you believe that cairo is the most important place to watch. why? >>guest: egypt is the heart of the arab world. it can never be emphasized enough. it has a quarter of all arabs on the planet. just in that one place. as egypts goes, so goes were of the arab world. there are obviously other bell weather countries that are important including saudi arabia for reasons of oil and the holy site, iraq because it is where sunnies and shy i can't live
12:42 pm
together in large numbers, and syria because that is the worst conflict but egypt is the heart of the arab word. jonathan's point was outstanding when he underscored two things about the protests that are very interesting and push in different directions. you summarized it well saying the glass is half full/half empty. they are occurring in so many places that it feels like all the sole media and so forth that led to the arab revolution are coming back to haunt us and work against us. these are obviously interconnected and, obviously, many ways, amplified by the video you have referred to. on the other hand, they are fairly small. that is huge news. that is not just a footnote. i am very glad that jonathan emphasized it and i am hopeful that today being prayer day will have been the culmination of this. i don't expect this to get worse over the weekend of the >>trace: michael, we are looking at live video from
12:43 pm
cairo. we are talking about the size of the protests there. it does seem to be smaller tonight than it was last night. you see some kids throwing rocks and bottles. i am interested, michael, do you draw a parallel with what is happening now in cairo to 1979. there are similarities on what was going on in tehran in 1979 and what was going on a little bit in cairo right now? >>guest: well, in some ways we have been lucky here. the egyptian opposition, although it is still a work in progress, has proven more mature and responsible than the iranian opposition of 1979. we have been a little lucky in starting with president bush and with president obama, we started being more supportive of egyptian reform. not enough. but we were better positioned to pivot away from mubarak than we had been prepared to by have the away from the shah in 1979. on balance this is a much more hopeful and promising situation.
12:44 pm
>>trace: thank you, michael, i have to go. more american forces are headed to the middle east now. the latest from the pentagon is next on "studio b" today.
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>>trace: an interesting development on military front in libya following the deadly attack on the american consulate in benghazi. a top libyan official told the reuters news agency, that the country briefly closed their airspace over the benghazi airport after militants started opening fire on two u.s. drones. a libyan army spokesman said that western nations, including the u.s., have ramped up the presence of drones and other spy planes since the attack on tuesday. jennifer, what additional military resources have been sent to the region? >>reporter: so far there have been two platoons of marines, each with about 50 marines attached to it, sent, first to
12:48 pm
tripoli, the capital of libya, and, now, to yemen. there are no additional requests by the state department for more marines to be sent. those marines are now in place. now, both u.s. navy destroyers are also in position off the coast of libya, both armed with missiles and the f.b.i. has sent a team to libya to investigate who is responsible for the attack. the president just vowed at the ceremony to hunt down whoever might be responsible. >>trace: what more can you tell us about the closure of benghazi airport? >>reporter: according to libyan officials, they closed the airport for a short time this morning after there was anti-aircraft fire in the area showing just how lawless and antarctic the area is, targeting several drones that were being
12:49 pm
flown up above. this is the only confirmation we have that u.s. drones are flying up above the benghazi area. certainly, it would make sense, because the f.b.i. team is going to be on the ground, investigating. again, this is coming from libyan officials. the pentagon, of course, is not commenting. >>trace: thank you, jennifer griffin were the teacher strike that has kept hundreds of thousands of kids out of chicago in chicago could soon come to a close. the breaking news on a tentative deal to get class back in session. who caved? who won? that is next.
12:50 pm
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12:52 pm
trace continuing coverage of breaking news from chicago, the teacher strike, the school board president has just announced that the city and the teachers union have agreed on a framework
12:53 pm
to a deal that could potentially end the strike as early as monday. we have a national political reporter, and erin, it looks like they could have a deal in the works. a lot of the teachers felt like they were bullied by chicago mayor rahm emanuel. >>guest: that is exactly right. the leader of the charge of the union, karen lewis, is still not optimistic. that is what we have seen of her comments. they are cautiously optimistic but she is lets so. maybe the mayor got more out of deal than they did. we do not know what the deal looks like yet. the teachers are concerned about job security. raising performance standards could mean that some teachers get fired in the next couple of years. they do not like that. change is difficult in this arena. >>trace: it was about job
12:54 pm
security, not so much money, and they made the accusation against rahm emanuel they said these guys are taking the whole policy right, being praised by people like gingrich. clearly, rahm emanuel is always linked forever more with the obama administration, how does this hurt when the unions come down on rahm emanuel? does this have a ripple effect for the democrat party nationally? >>guest: it could. right now the crisis we are seeing in the middle east is overshadowing this. it would have been a much bigger problem if this had not happened. the unions need to come out for president obama for him to turn out the vote. they are doing some damage to their relationship with the unions right now. it appears that it is getting less play right now. >>trace: and there is probably a reason why the president and the education secretary will not touch this with a ten-foot pole.
12:55 pm
>>guest: they are on the side of rahm emanuel because he is falling in what duncan was trying to do when he was in charge of public school system in chicago. the obama administration has moved right on education. this is an area where even mitt romney had said they did a decent job compared to other policies. >>trace: handicap it for me, 60/30? 60/40 it ends by monday? >>guest: if it is not over, course work is available online for students so they trying to at least come up with an alternate option. >>trace: when the teacher says "do your homework," it is time for school on monday. good to see you. the end of a line for a a -- a
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>>trace: police stopped an al qaeda militants linked group that would be a major terror attack in kenya. the group was in the last stages of planning their attack, police arrested two suspects and found four suicide vests, two i.e.d.'s grenades and appear in addition. a spokesman says that just one of the vests had a destructive potential similar to that of a vest that a bomber used to kill dozens in uganda back in 2010. >> in los angeles, the good news first, no one was hurt when a bus rolled off a freeway overpass this morning. officials said the driver was alone on the bus and he pulled over to make a phone call. the driver left the bus, the brakes failed. the bus rolled down the street, east overpass, and this is the result. the cause? traffic problem f

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